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Safety Tips

At DikshaMatrimony.com we protect you from fraudulent people. Here are some of the points that you must remember or keep in mind when choosing your true life partner.

» Don't give someone your full name and address until you are comfortable to do so.
» Be cautious while communicating, but stay honest. Honesty is surely the best policy in a relationship.
» Try to answer all emails you receive, even if just to say, "thank you, but I don't think we have much in common.
» Treat others how you would like to be treated.
» Women are more vulnerable to getting fooled, so all you females out there, be extra careful!
» Take your time and get to know someone via email and chat before you accept a first meeting.
» If you want to talk to your partner, use a cell phone to communicate. Avoid using your home phone.
» If you start feeling uncomfortable at any point, stop communicating. There’s no point wasting your time on someone who doesn’t seem
» Talk on the phone before meeting up.
» Keep your family involved and make sure you introduce the prospect to your family.
» Ask lots of questions and establish as much common ground as you can before you meet up - it will make conversation easier.
» Check prospects reference.
» If you are both cool with each other, good for you…now you feel you want to meet up…even better. Start making a plan of how you will be
   meeting your mate.
» Don’t start off by disclosing your past relationships. It will leave a bad impression.
» Relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t be indecisive, if you feel uncomfortable; tell firmly that you do not wish to meet again. Don’t put
   yourself at risk.
» Agree to meet only when you are ready or with your parents.
» If you start feeling afraid after meeting your date, move out of that place calmly. Don’t show your nervousness and make an excuse to get
» If things are working out smoothly as planned, set up a date for your next meeting.
» Before meeting, tell your family members or friend where you're going.
» Meet in a public place, where you feel comfortable and at ease.
» Watch your drinks on meeting and if you can, arrange to meet at the venue and have a transport plan in place for getting home safely.
» Do not reveal too much too soon.
» Don’t give any credit card numbers or bank account numbers.
» Have a few phone conversations before you meet. Try making your parents to call their parents.
» Make sure you see a photo - at least one - before you meet face to face.
» Try to agree on an easy meeting place so you can easily recognize each other.
» Read your Prospects profile before you head out and try and remember a few key things in their profile.
» After finishing off, if you feel you are being followed, take public transport and go to any other place, apart from your home

Please inform DikshaMatrimony.com if you see any fraudulent profile. You should report violation if someone keeps you harassing. We will take necessary action against that fraudulent profile.

Report violation by sending mail on contact@dikshamatrimony.com

Note: when reporting violation you must reveal your identity. Your identity will be kept confidential.