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New Couple

Congratulations on your marriage! So you’re no longer single. It is possible that you may be feeling a whole range of emotions – from excitement to nervousness about this new journey. Perhaps some of you are married for several months and don’t have kids as yet. Whatever your situation, you may have realized by now that your life has probably changed after your wedding day – for the better or worse. Or maybe you haven’t experienced any change as yet. The transition from singlehood to a ‘new couple’

The period between your wedding day and your first child is perhaps one of the most important stages of your life. This period sets the stage for the future of your marriage, children and even retired life!

The first year of marriage can be especially tough. It is normal for every couple, irrespective of how made for each other they may feel, to have struggles or issues. These struggles, if worked out, often contribute positively to the relationship, building deeper intimacy and companionship for later life.

The most important tasks that you and your spouse need to accomplish in this stage for a stable future are:

• Establishing a home, not merely building a house

• Building intimacy and a deep friendship

• Managing conflict and learning to fight fair

• Deciding on single or dual careers

• Negotiating relationships with each other’s families and friends

• Agreeing on independent interests

• Agreeing on becoming parents

None on us grew up with a manual or text book for accomplishing the above tasks and making a marriage work. Neither were we taught in school about how to lead the ‘happily ever after’ dream which we were exposed to. Therefore it is natural to have struggles when two different people suddenly live and adjust to each other. The below are common issues every couple may face during the transition from singlehood to a well adjusted couple.

Questions/Struggles that you may experience in the first few years of marriage.

• How do we build a deeper bond?

• I’m struggling to adjust to this new system!

• How do I cope with his/her habits that are so different from mine?

• We want more intimacy – emotionally and sexually

• My in-laws interfere too much!

• How to make decisions together?

• We fight for small and big things

• We don’t seem to talk as much as we did before marriage!

• My dreams of an ideal marriage seem shattered

• He/She is being bossy

• I’m always told what to do because of my gender

• How much should our extended family influence us?

• We’re nervous about having children – not sure if we’d be good parents!

• Who does what at home and outside?

• I want more sexIs it ok to want my space sometimes?

• What about my career?

• He/she has not yet forgotten their ex We have different beliefs and worldviews!

• When do we have children?He/She is too attached with their parents!

Someone has quoted that a, ‘Marriage may be made in heaven, but the maintenance must be done on earth’. Every marriage needs maintenance, more so in the first few years.
If you’re interested in improving your marriage or simply want to learn how to cope with the needs and demands of this important new stage in your life, you can consider talking it over with a trained couples counselor, who will journey with you in helping you reach your goals for your marriage.
Talk it over provides individual counseling services where you can come by yourself and discuss your marriage with a trained professional. We also provide couples counselling services where you can come together as a couple and discuss your marriage with the trained professional.

Success in Remarriage


Life provides opportunities every second. If you got it, then take charge of it. Divorce and separation must be a painful experience and before entering into making this long term commitment you must be having following questions in your mind:

Will my second marriage work?

Will i be a good parent to children from my partner’s previous marriage?

How long should i wait before getting remarried?

Should I remarry my ex husband?

Should i remarry by ex wife?

Will my partner be a good parent to my children from previous marriage?

Will my children accept my partner as my husband?

WShould i remarry a divorcee?

Should i marry after divorce?

Now what happens, because of your unpleasant experience with marriage, you tend to form beliefs out of your judgments’ about yourself, marriage as a concept and a role of a partner.
It is very important to assess if your belief systems are faulty perceptions as a result of extreme emotions you experienced in your first marriage.
So when you enter the new relationship, you don’t end up playing it wrong way just because of your irrational beliefs.
This is not to discourage you; moreover if you see it closely, since you have already gone through pain, you will be prone to put right steps in a right way and WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT EXACTLY!

What can I expect from Pre-marriage Counseling?


It’s very important to deal with the past hurt and see the past from a neutral eye. It is normal to be reactive and but we later realize our contribution to the fight. It’s not right to feel guilty about it. When you critically see the past, then you are able to resolve within yourself and move forward. We help you to MOVE FORWARD.


It’s very important to take a right learning otherwise you are bound to make the mistake second time. Taking the right learning getting through our counselor by teaching you what happened and why.


We here teach how to assess a situation person and have a right attitude. It is a true fact that you don’t get what you don’t ask for. So it is important to tell it to your partner. The gap comes because both of you focus on what you don’t want. In all this both of you don’t know what you want from each other.
Our experts help you to learn how to help your partner as team and share your wants. .


Preparation always helps you to be comfortable and make the other person feel comfortable too. This is important because in case of a remarriage the other must also be coming with lot of apprehensions fears and beliefs and it becomes your responsibility to make the other comfortable with you and the relationship. We teach you how to be a good couple.


Divorce is a solution when the pain in the marriage becomes unbearable and impacts the life of an individual. At the same time it comes as a trauma of separation. The person goes through self doubt and fears of future. We help you to deal with your trauma and get you all the positivity needed for your new life.


It’s very important to open up and accept each other ideas. Only then we learn to relate. We at The Counselor teach you how to be flexible to people and their ideas.


In case of remarriages, the new life you are entering into also requires you and your spouse to accept your respective children. It becomes stressful if either or both couple fails to accept. And even if there is good boding between two of you, this issue can turn things upside down. Remarriage Counseling helps you resolve things in time and create a balance with a basic level of acceptance from each member leading to a healthy family

How does Re-marriage Counseling work?

You are in a state of Once bitten, twice shy.Counselling helps you what you have to do and why. This makes the foundation strong for your marriage. When you are aware of your do’s and don’ts for marriage, you minimize the chances of separation. And for this we tell you how to create a love between two of you in your marriage.


We help you to be a right partner and play your role well. And if you play it well, the probability of success is higher than otherwise.


Once you know what you need to do, you need to see if you are motivated to do it.Counselling helps you to bring the level of conviction within yourself by dealing with mental blocks.


Counseling helps you to implement every step and doing it perfectly. We help you to assess your success so that you are motivated enough to do it perfectly.

Why Us?


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Listen from our Expert Re-marriage Counselors

All the clients who have come to us are at great advantage by understanding the reasons behind issues in previous marriage and thus getting prepared for a reliable marriage ahead. It is always better to have a map before taking a new road that too when you are clueless about what happened in the last road. We help you to have a marriage that you aspire for.